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GCSE Photography

Course contact: Ms Dainton - daintonc@harpergreen.net 

Specification: GCSE

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Course Outline

In GCSE Photography, you will begin by developing your basic understanding through a series of workshops and engaging with the work of photographers/artists. You will develop your skills using the DSLR and compact cameras, Photoshop, photo manipulation, a range of editing and presentation techniques, and your analysis skills and write about your work and the work of photographers.

The GCSE projects include: Naturally Abstract, Urban Landscapes, Identity and the externally set task (examination).

A typical lesson might involve...

  • Teacher demonstrations visually explaining how to develop and improve your photography skills
  • Practical opportunities include: taking photographs using a variety of equipment and environments. Photoshop editing, photo manipulation, presenting work creatively and written analysis.
  • A clear structure includes opportunities to discuss photographers and techniques, recapping prior knowledge, sharing your opinions, and experiment with various materials and techniques
  • Regular opportunities to evaluate your progress and identify areas for further development
  • You will be expected to spend at least one to two hours per week outside lessons independently, completing/improving and adding to your coursework portfolio

How will I be assessed?

Your work will be assessed through two units of work.

  • Unit 1: Portfolio of work – 60% of your final grade. The work you produce over the two years will be kept in a portfolio and, towards the end of Year 11, your best work from more than one project will be selected.
  • Unit 2: Externallyâ€Âset task – 40% of your final grade. In January of ear 11, you will be given an examination question paper and have specific preparation time in lessons and before a practical examination, which will take over 10 hours.

You should choose Photography if...

  • You have a keen interest in photography
  • You are creative and have an interest in the visual arts but are not keen on drawing

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Photography Information Presentation

Photography Student Perspective

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