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RSL Music - performance & Composition

Course contact: Mr Wilson - wilsonm@harpergreen.net

Specification: RSL Music Practitioner

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Course Outline

This course builds on the work you have done at Key Stage 3 and is an excellent opportunity for you to hone your skills as a performer. You will also further develop your knowledge of different musical styles.

A typical lesson might involve...

You might be developing your skills as a performer through individual work on your specialist instrument. You may also work on your ensemble performance skills as part of a band, preparing pieces for regular concerts.

You may also want to learn how to compose in different styles. This course gives you the flexibility to focus solely on performance or develop your composition skills alongside performing skills.

How will I be assessed?

Your work will be assessed through coursework. An external assignment will be set towards the end of the course. You will work on this in class over a specific time. There is currently no written exam.

You should choose Music - Performance and Composition if...

You love music! Whether you want to be an excellent performer, composer, technician or administrator, this course offers the flexibility for you to achieve.

If you are good at music and have enjoyed your lessons at KS3. You might choose this course to provide a good balance to your other choices. You might be attracted by the fact that there is currently no written exam and that the course is assessed through coursework. Whatever the reason, RSL Music gives you the chance to explore your creativity and achieve a worthwhile qualification in a growing sector.

Many previous students have gone on to study music at Level 3 and then work in the industry as session musicians, sound engineers, roadies, and record producers. Others have chosen routes into teaching or setting up their own business.

What qualifications will I achieve and what could I do afterwards?

You will gain an RSL Music Practitioner qualification. Some of our past students have gone on to study music at college. They often do a Level 3 BTEC music diploma. It is possible to move on to A-level music from this course, but we would advise that you take grade 5 theory alongside RSL if you want to do this. We can help you with this too. Some students decide to focus on the technology aspect of music and move on to A-level Music Technology

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