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Since joining Leverhulme Church of England and Community Trust in 2017, Harper Green School has seen a significant transformation, investing considerably in its facilities and learning spaces to create inspiring and engaging learning environments for students and staff.

As a school, we have thought long and hard about why we are here and the important role we play within our communities and felt it was imperative to celebrate the history of Harper Green School and align our brand identity with the Harper commitments and attributes.

The official launch will take place on Thursday, 5th January 2023. To mark the occasion, every student will receive a new branded tie and an iron-on badge to cover the old badge on their school blazer. Throughout the day, students will visit our Ironing Hub in groups, where staff members will be available to iron the new badges onto blazers. Alternatively, parents/carers can iron the new badge onto blazers at home following our simple step-by-step guide, which will be available on our website on Thursday, 5th January 2023. Please let us know in advance via email at head@harpergreen.net if you wish to iron on the badge at home.

For further information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Q. Can my child still wear their original blazer?

A. Yes, they can. As part of the rebrand, every student will receive a new Harper Green badge that can be ironed over the original emblem. On Thursday, 5th January 2023, we will be running in-school ironing sessions where staff will be on-hand to iron badges to student blazers.

 Q. When will the uniform with the new logo be available to purchase?

A. Our two main uniform suppliers, Smart Clothing and Ziggy's uniform supplies, will have new stock available from July onwards.

 Q. When will my child be expected to wear the uniform with the new logo from?

A. We ask that whenever you purchase a uniform in the future, you ensure it has the new logo on it. If you want to utilise a uniform that has been previously purchased and worn by siblings, you can do this up until September 2024.

 Q. Are there any price increases as a result of the changes to logo?

A. The only price increases will be in line with the uniform suppliers own costings and not in relation to the change in logo.

 Q. Which items of uniform must have the logo on them?

A. Branded items include the blazer, skirt, trousers, girls PE top and boys PE top. It will be optional for students to wear branded shorts and leggings in PE. If students wish to wear an additional layer during the winter in the form of a jumper, we ask that this is a branded jumper. These changes will reduce the number of compulsory items required.

We would also like to take the opportunity to inform you that from September 2023, all skirts will feature the logo just below the skirt's waistband, not at the bottom, as previously. 

Q. Why is Harper Green School rebranding?

A. Our new branding reflects who we are and who we want our staff, students and communities to be. It symbolises the four We are Harper commitments that we expect our students to take responsibility for and reminds us of the incredible impact Harper Green School has had on its local communities since it was first established in 1927. For more information about our rebrand, please contact us at head@harpergreen.net.